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Is A Reverse Mortgage Right For Me?

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Reverse mortgages are versatile and flexible. Often times they are used more as a financial planning tool than a mortgage. Information and exposure is the key because as more and more people learn about reverse mortgages, the more they will become a mainstream product.

Each year new records are set regarding reverse mortgages in the numbers of people using them. Their time has come and the uniqueness of these products will create more and more situations where their use will be considered mainstream. These uses can and will include income, access to money for the extras in life, health care issues, home improvements and modifications, charity gifts, assisting a family member and as cash reserves.

Even though their popularity has grown some of the most basic facts about reverse mortgages are often misunderstood and unclear. A relatively short industry history and rapid product evolution have bombarded consumers with information that at times is confusing or misleading.

Do you sign away your house? Can you lose your house? Will my income stop? These are some of the misconceptions associated with reverse mortgages. The truth is the truth and we will examine each of these points carefully. Our goal is to provide accurate information about these products and to make the consumer aware of the many options available so the very best decision can be made for the consumer’s personal situation.

If you’d like more information just let me know and I’ll send you a booklet  discussing reverse mortgages.  This booklet provides an insight to the most common questions asked by consumers.


Written by brantleyw

September 30, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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